Our Guarantee to pass the first time!

We feel so confident that you will pass an insurance pre licensing course the first time by using our online training system, StudyHall testing center and VideoCram courses that we guarantee it. Our Guarantee agrees to reimburse you the Department of Insurance retesting fee for the DOI testing centers, which is currently $50.00.

The reimbursement rules are simple:

  1. Student must register and pay for both the online training system and the online StudyHall testing center prior to sitting for their first State Exam. Students must also show adequate use of StudyHall including but not limited to taking each FINAL exam. Students must also watch all VideoCram content for their course.
  2. Student must FAIL the California Department of Insurance licensing exam.
  3. Student must mail the reimbursement form and required documentation.
  4. We will only reimburse the second attempt. 3rd and 4th attempts are not reimbursed.

Our Guarantee to Pass is good for 1 month from the date of your first failed exam and we must receive your Guarantee to Pass paperwork within that 1 month.

For PSI testing centers we only reimburse up to $50.00.

Didn't pass the first around? Don't worry, click on the button to fill out our Reimbursement form.